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Colocation is a server hosting with broadband Internet connection. Our racks are connected to trouble-free power units. Data center's power system is supplied by diesel-generator.
1U 2U 3U
2600 a/month 5000 a/month 7000 a/month
1 External IP address 1 External IP address 1 External IP address
100 MBit/s port 100 MBit/s port 10 MBit/s port
Unlimited traffic Unlimited traffic Unlimited traffic
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Additional services

FTP-storage for back-ups 10 Gb, a/month 70
ISPmanager Lite 5 control panel, a/month 350
Additional port 100Mbit, a/month 1200
Additional IP-address, a/month 150
Service by request, a/hour 700
Server administration service (10 intidens), a/month 3000